Sao Paulo: talents from Brasil - Vogue Itália

Sao Paulo: talents from Brasil - Vogue Itália

Where did you study fashion? My degree doesn’t have a direct link with Fashion. I studied Marketing and worked with Visual Merchandising during school.

What brought you to fashion design and what does it mean for you? Fashion appeared to me as a new creative process that I was not familiar with. I see the body as living politics. We may question it, we may have certainties and create new sociocultural identities based on it.

What’s your brand/style Dna? The brand is funded on simple pillars such as gender neutrality, comfortable and deconstructed streetwear. Shoulders that have movement, cuts and natural fabrics like cotton and jeans. As Yohji Yamamoto, Rick Owens and Kawakubo, with Cemfreio I want to create a kind of uniform for comfort and freedom into the context of gender performance.

Current projects? Besides the brand, I am involved with creativity workshops in public schools, teaching and lecturing on how to assign art as a tool for social change. It is a means of questioning the space and the socioeconomic difficulties of marginalised bodies. What do you think of the fashion system in Brazil and what are the plus/minus of working there? We are still colonised and part of an elitist society.

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